Genital Warts on Anus in Women and Men

HPV warts can be found all over the body.  However, the most difficult ones to deal with are anal warts.  The symptoms can be quite uncomfortable and hard to relieve and in the absence of treatment they may aggravate further.

How do you get Anal Warts?

Initially, the human papillomavirus infection causes anal warts.  If you did not had hpv earlier then most probably you were infected through sexual contact (anal sex).  Those with weaker immune systems are also susceptible to warts.

Anal Wart Symptoms

If you experience any of the following symptoms, it is possible you have anal warts:

  • Bleeding
  • Feeling of a mass
  • Itching
  • Mucous discharge
  • Ulcer formation

What to expect from a Doctor’s Visit

It is possible to have more than one symptom associated with anal warts.  For those who are not embarrassed about an anal STD will schedule a doctor’s appointment.

Checking for anal warts will require a clinical examination.  The search for warts will be internal (by use of an anoscope) and external (around the anus).  Due to the potential risk of another problem, you will eventually be examined for other sexually transmitted diseases.

There will also be tests to see if a more serious problem has developed (e.g. cancer).  Your doctor will also look for genital warts around the penis (males) or vagina (females).

Most doctors’ use acetic acid to find anal warts.  This organic compound is what gives vinegar its taste.  When applied, any anal warts present will turn white after about ten minutes.

Once it is determined you have anal warts, the most common treatment options are antibiotics and topical creams.  Antibiotics can be helpful in the beginning, but over time, they will start killing your body’s good bacteria.

Topical creams can be helpful when it comes to external anal warts, but not for internal situations.  Those with internal issues want to use remedies that work from the inside out.  In addition, the side effects associated with prescription topical creams can be unbearable.

If prescriptions do not work, your physician will suggest surgical removal, which can be painful.  Cryotherapy is one form of surgical removal that uses extreme cold temperatures to remove abnormal tissue (e.g. warts).  The other option is laser therapy.

However, most wart sufferers prefer to alleviate their problem from home, so they try home remedies.  Unfortunately, most home remedies are only designed to help mild cases of anal warts.

Best Treatment to get rid of Anal Warts

If you want to try eliminating your anal warts from home, use Wartol.  There has been an overwhelming amount of positive reviews stating it is the best homeopathic remedy for anal warts.  In fact, a significant number of users have seen results in the first week.

Wartol works on all types of warts, is beneficial for both men and women, and offers scar free results.  In addition, it works on mild, moderate, and severe wart eruptions.  You also do not need a prescription to purchase Wartol.

You can learn more about this all-natural product by going to the homepage by clicking “Home” link at the top.

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