Do Genital Warts Hurt or Itch on Touching or on Squeezing?

Genital warts can be extremely uncomfortable, especially in certain areas.  Men and women struggle every day to find remedies for their symptoms.  Nevertheless, we know you want to find relief as soon as possible.  One way to overcome your discomfort is learning more about genital warts.

Why do Genital Warts Hurt?

Typically, genital warts are not supposed to hurt.  However, many sufferers do experience pain.  The amount of pain you experience is based on the location of your genital warts.  For instance, women dealing with vaginal hpv warts could pull up a pair of jeans and brush against the warts.  This creates irritation in the location, especially when the skin is pulled.  The result is instant pain.

If you have genital warts around your anus, it can feel painful when having a bowel movement.  It is also possible to irritate them when sitting.

Why do Genital Warts Itch?

Genital warts are not supposed to itch, but by touching them the wrong way, it can create irritation as well.  Using a scrub on the infected area while in the shower can irritate the warts.

What Happens when Genital Warts are squeezed?

Genital warts are a flesh color, soft and moist.  They typically appear in clusters and can be raised or flat.  Some genital warts are larger than others, but they have roots that grip your skin.  Therefore, there is no ways to pop a wart, but when squeezed it can be quite painful.

Some sufferers will try to cut their warts, but they will only bleed.  In most cases, the bleeding is hard to stop.  Luckily, genital warts cannot spread by opening them up.  If you notice more genital warts in other areas, you have probably developed molluscum contagiosum, which is not a genital wart.  If you squeeze these, they will have a white puss inside much like a pimple.

Do Genital Warts go away on their own?

The only way you will see genital warts disappear on their own is if you have a strong immune system.  However, genital warts are a symptom of various hpv strains.  Once you contract an hpv strain, it will always be there.  Therefore, a healthy immune system will only keep the genital warts from developing.  Those with weaker immune systems could see their genital warts multiply and grow larger.

How to Treat Genital Warts without any Pain

You could try prescription medications, topical creams, and a variety of other possible remedies.  The only problem is that some treatments will only offer more side effects (some of them are severe), and if they do not, they probably will not work.  If you want a solution that is available without prescription, works on all types of warts, and provides a fast-acting, effective solution, many previous users will recommend Wartol.

You can learn more about Wartol and its all-natural formula by clicking on the “home” link at the top of the page.

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